1.The average of first 20 multiples of 12 is:

2. In a company 10 employees get a salary of Rs. 36,200 each and 15 employees get a salary of Rs. 33.550 each. What is the average salary per employee?

3. Raj scored 67, 69, 78, and 88 in 4 of his subjects. What should be his score in the 5th subject so that his average equals 80?

4.The average age of 27 students of a class is 22. If the age of the teacher is also added to their ages, then the average increases by one. Find the age of the teacher.

5.Geetha weighs 11.235 kg. Her sister weighs 1.4 times her weight. Find their combined weight?

6. A factory produced 18,58,509 cassettes in the month of January, 7623 more cassettes in the month of February and owing to short supply of electricity produced 25.838 less cassettes in March than in February. Find the total production in all?

7. The average of first three out of four numbers is 18. The average of last three numbers is 14. The sum of first and last number is 16. The last number is

8. The average ages of parents and two children are 30 years and 8 years respectively. The average age of the family is

9. 78 books, 114 crayons and 141 notebooks were distributed to school children equally. It was found that 6 were left undistributed in each. What was the total number of children?

10. The average age of a batch of 19 members is 24 years. If the age of the faculty be included, then the average increases by 4 months. What is the age of the faculty?

11. What is the average of first 25 multiples of 11?