1. Find the total Simple Interest on Rs.500 at 7% per annum on 700 at 10% per annum and on 1000 at 4% per annum for 3 years.

2. Find the approximate simple interest on Rs.2000 from March 9, 2010 to May 21, 2010 at 8.25% per annum.

3. What sum will produce the same interest in 9 years at the rate 8% simple interest as Rs. 800 produce in 3 years at 9/2% per annum?

4. A sum of money (P) doubles in 10 years. How much would it be in 20 years at the same rate of simple interest?

5. A sumn of money of Rs. 1000 is lent out in two parts in such a way that the interest on one part at 10% per amum for 5 years is equal to another at 5% for 10 years. Calculate the sum lent out at 5%.

6. What is the ratio of simple interest earned on certain amount at the rate of 12% p. a. for 9 years and that for 12 years?

7. Find the simple interest on Rs. 50 for 6 months at the rate of 10 paise per rupee per month.

8. Find the difference between compound interest and simple interest on 5000 for 2 years at 8% p.a payable annually.

9. The maturity value after three years, of a certain sum at 15% p.a. simple interest, is Rs. 8,700/-. Find the principal amount.

10. Ms. Kavitha borrowed Rs.950 at 6% per annum simple interest. What amount will she pay to clear her debt after 4 years?

11. Mr. Ibrahim borrowed Rs.7500 at 5% per annum compound interest. The compound interest compounded annually for 2 years is.

12. Mr. Yashwanth invested money in FD. How much will he get on maturity, if Rs.10000 is invested at 20% per annum compound interest for 6 months, compounded quarterly?

13. Ms. Alina borrowed Rs. 650 at 6% per annum simple interest. What amount will she pay to clear her debt after 4 years?

14. How long will a sum of money take to double, if it is invested at 9.09% p.a. simple interest?

15. At what percentage simple interest per annum a certain sum will double in 10 years?

16. What is the difference between the maturity values, if Rs. 12,500 is invested for 2 years at 20% per annum simple interest and compound interest?